Dating Tips for Women

If the Internet connects people who would never have met otherwise, it deeply upsets the codes of dating. Some rules to know before going to a dating site.

Rule 1

Dating sites are first and foremost dating sites: we do not meet someone on the internet, the meeting is really at the first meeting. Speed dating is much better. Check out this speed dating event in Memphis if you’re interested.

Rule 2

Take the time to choose a site that suits you, on which you feel good, even if you try several at the beginning.

Rule 3

Choose your nickname and define your profile: they reflect or are supposed to reflect what you are and what you are looking for. Too fuzzy or too “sensual” they will attract profiles that do not really match what you are looking for

Rule 4

The exchanges on the internet must quickly pass from writing to the telephone and the real meeting. Indeed, behind the screen, each person stages himself or even projects what the other person says according to his experience or his expectations. Similarly it allows to quickly see if the other is well intentioned or not.

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Rule 5

Do not try to answer all the contacts even if it seems impolite to you otherwise you will be quickly overwhelmed. Similarly do not be offended if someone does not answer you, move on.

Rule 6

Avoid giving your personal details if you have a doubt: on dating sites, nicks allow to keep some anonymity. Wait to meet the person to give him your name. If you switch to email or MSN, create a specific address that you can delete if necessary. Do not use your personal email. Beware of men who ask you to go directly to the mail: the exchanges through the sites are a certain guarantee of the involvement of the other. If you do not want to give your phone number you can ask to call yourself (some men offer it spontaneously) by hiding your number or even buy a rechargeable mobile card.

Rule 7

Always organize a first meeting in a public place, not isolated: never make an appointment at home and ask to pick you up by car. Do not hesitate to tell a friend of the place where you are. In general, start with a drink, do not go to dinner right away. If the meeting does not work it will be easier to end it.

Rule 8

Never send money to a stranger: even if you have the impression to know him, a man met on the internet remains a stranger and would you spontaneously give your credit card number to someone you meet in the street?

Rule 9

Do not stay connected permanently on the internet: there are many ways to meet people, internet is one but must not remain exclusive: go out, see the world.

That’s it! Follow these tips for dating success.