Removing Wine Stains From Carpet and Clothes

winePicture this situation, Saturday night, you go out to dinner, you are enjoying a good glass of wine with your friends or family and suddenly … the waiter stumbles and spills a drink on your dress. You just want to think it’s not true, but yes, it is. Don’t worry we have the solution.

The first thing to do is to put a napkin on the stain to absorb as much liquid as possible and when you get home it is convenient to act fast to avoid leaving a trace.
And as you probably know, red wine stains can be quite difficult to eliminate, for that reason, we give you some tips to clean and forget them in no time.

Follow these steps

Mainly we have to distinguish between two types of wine stains: recent and dried, once dry they are more difficult to eliminate. However, as we will see later, there are also ways to combat them.

stain on carpetIn recent red wine stains (which are still moist) the first thing to do is to resort to table salt. It is important to know that we should not leave the salt too long on the stain, as this can play against us and embed it with greater force. Thanks to salt, we will avoid spreading more through the tissues.

The next step is to soak the stained area with white wine, yes that’s right! To do this, we must moisten a clean rag with white wine and tap on the area to be treated. Afterwards, wash the clothes as you would normally, simple, right?

And finally, to remove the stains of dry red wine we only need some milk. We simply have to warm it up for a few minutes in a bowl and soak the affected area. To do this, let the milk act for the necessary time until we see that the stain is diluted. Once it has dissolved, we can wash our clothes in the usual way.


What about carpet?

If you spill red wine on the carpet then the procedure is quite similar. Just follow the steps above, although if you get stuck it’s comforting to know that you can call a professional. For South Carolina we would recommend this Greenville SC carpet cleaning company.